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    jinzo Guest

    Default Configuration problem


    I use the ZoneAlarm Security Suite and it works really good. But I have one problem with the configuration.

    I use the Backdoor Poison Ivy 2.3 for my own computers. It's easy to use and I like it.

    But... ZoneAlarm stops Poison Ivy at every start. I select it in the program configuration. Set it to III (Security status) and add it to the av (ignored program's) list.

    Now, when I start Poison Ivy - it loads - and then - without any comments from ZoneAlarm - the program getting closed.

    What can I do? Is there any option I haven't seen?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:

    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Configuration problem

    I googled 'Backdoor Poison Ivy 2.3' - and the results were not too friendly towards this item.;q...=Google+Search<hr>It appears that security softwares detect 'backdoors'/malware with this software.<hr>Poison Ivy 2.3.0 (Backdoor.Win32.PoisonIvy.q) (Backdoor.Win32.Poison.k for Server). by shapeless. Written in Delphi. Released in February 2007 ...<hr>1 - Backdoor.Win32.PoisonIvy.q

    2- Backdoor.Win32.Poison.k
    &gt;<hr>It seems Kaspersky anti-virus will not allow this program because of at least these two 'backdoor' /malware. The best thing to do if you want to pursue it further - write to Kaspersky forum, support about this software. Check their forums, search for more insights. That's as far as I can go. Sorry.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 12-22-07 - How's It Going To Be - Third Eye Blind

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