I was using a Belkin Wireless Router without any problems, I upgraded to LinkSys and it was working, but I had to change the channel the wireless was using due to my laptop continually losing it's connection, now the wireless works great, but the network drives are unaccessible.
I had to go in and enable incoming ports in ZA that Microsoft said to allow and it worked (with the LinkSys), but now that I changed the channel the wireless uses, those ports do not appear to be allowing me to access the network drive. If I turn OFF the firewall for the Trusted Zone, the network works just fine, if I turn it back to medium I lose it, as do I with High Security in the trusted zone.
The trusted zone is where I allowed the ports Microsoft said to allow.

My laptop uses Vista,the rest of my computers, including the main Desktop Computer with all the harddrives in it all Run XP Pro.
Any idea how I can fix this?Thank you,Richard

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite