Hi,I have all my pc's networked through a linksys wireless router wrt54g. Everything is plugged into the back ports on the router.It took me forever to learn how to get all of the pc's together,but I did.I have xbox 360 and downloaded the extender software for my xp pro media center edition 2005 with rollup 2.I can turn off the firewall and get into the folders on my pc through the extender and my xbox 360 to see video,or listen to music.I did give the extender permission to operate via\programs\options.I believe I need to create expert rules to let it use port 3776,1900 and 2 other ports. I forget,I have to find where I wrote all the ports down at,sorry!It needs access to these ports with udf and icmp and 2 others.I tried to create these rules with the help files but just no luck.I need to be told what to type and where for one time and I will learn from there.Thanks for help!I am using latest ZA internet suite 7.0.462.000

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite