Laptop has three interfaces: Ethernet (Wired), Wireless, Modem.
Can the rule be saved
in the current version (7.1) of ZA Free:
For the Ethernet (Wired) port only (i.e. do not allow this rule on Wireless, or Modem) allow access from source IP
Ports (Windows services):
Name Services port 137/TCP and UDP
Datagram Services port 138/UDP
Session Services port 139/TCP
DNS Direct Hosting port 445/TCP and UDP
to the local computer ?
I would use ZA Pro, but it is not yet supported for Vista (32-bit).
This is for a student laptop, so I will not use ZA Pro Beta

Operating System:
Windows Vista Home Basic
Software Version:
7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm (Free)

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