Hello!I know this might been asked before, but after a quick search around the forums I couldn't find a solution. So, the problem is that ZoneAlarm doesn't let my PS3 to establish a connection through my router. When I shut down the firewall everything works fine, so I'm sure there is a solution for this. I tried adding my DNS (I added it as an IP in ZoneAlarm)
in the trusted zone but still nothing. By the way, after running cmd-ipconfig /all I found out that
my DNS and DHCP servers have the same address, which I have no idea if it should be like that.Also, with ZoneAlarm on, my router's software can't establish a link with the router to run diagnostics and such, which doesn't bother me that much but while I'm here I thought I asked :-)As you can see, I'm not very familiar with these kind of stuff, so any help would be very much welcome!Thank you in advance!

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0