My computer is behind a Linksys router. I have the most current ZA Security Suite installed.
I have 2 ded
servers hosted by two different companies, with a handful of sites on each one (say 5 apiece).
Lately, I have consistently lost my connection to the server in NY, even though everything shows the server is up. I would be moving from one page to another and the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" would appear.
I can access any other site. The only sites I cannot access are the ones on the server in NY - all sites on that one box (5 IPs). One minute, I'm fine. The next, I lose the connection. When it disappears like that, local pings time out, but web based pings connect fine. All my members using the same server say they have no problem. It is getting ridiculous. How can a whole Admin be unable to update or use his sites because he gets bounce-offs?
I have tweaked ZA for weeks. I uninstalled and reintsalled, using the default. No dice. I have updated the BEFSR41's firmware. My SB5120 has been recycled with everything else. No dice. It makes no sense to think Comcast would block a range of IPs. I have worked with the server management team for days, looking through the server. No dice. Tracert shows my connection to the server looks fine (When it can reach the server).
I have read around here for weeks trying to see if anyone else has experienced the issue. I decided to join to post this. My questions, if you can please help:
1) Is it possible this is a ZA issue? I reset the Blocked Zone to default.
2) What would a typical ZA Firewall Zones window look like? Again, when I reinstalled a couple of weeks ago, I set this to the default, after reading around here, following detailed guides found here.
3) What do I need to provide to help troubleshoot my install in oorder to eliminate ZA? (I'm talking to Comcast too and I haven't ruled out the server, but to move servers just for this matter will be a last resort)
Remember I can access any site - just the ones on one of my own servers are inaccessible. Thank you for your time.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite