1. I have been using ZA Internet Suite and have never add problems sending / receiving emails using Outlook.

2. I decided to try an old Wireless ADSL Router (connected using Ethernet port) and ZoneAlarm brought up a message to say should this be in the 'trusted zone' or 'internet zone'?. Really did not know what to choose. So I choose "Internet Zone" - is this okay?

(my Wireless Modem Router and it only supports WEP!)

3. I can receive Outlook emails (POP3), but cannot send Outlook emails (SMTP). Outlook just keeps trying and gives up. No clue as to what the problem is....

4. Also fails to log-in to Hotmail (at sign in stage...)

5. Both these problems (No3. and No4), go away when I revert to my old USB ADSL modem.

So, I really don't know if this is ZoneAlarm security issue - basically the way I added this network or something to do with my Wireless Router (which also has a Firewall, but I have left default settings - it is SMC branded.... )

Using ZA Internet Suite 7.0.462

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite