Hi there,
I have an odd problem that I would love to be solved.
I have an XP machine with ZA Pro installed and I have linked a linux box to this using a cross-over patch cable.
I use Internet Connection Share ( from my XP) to surf / use the net on my Linux box.
The Internet connection share setup between the two machines works fine when ZA is turned off. So I know both machines are configured ok.
When I activated ZA on XP I could not surf or ping addresses which were in word format i.e. ping internet.org does not work but I can ping 111.222.333.444. This lead me to assume that there is something wrong with DNS connection.
My Broadband connection is in the Internet Zone and I have allowed port 53 / 67 UDP. However, when I change the nameserver line in the relevant linux file from to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, which is a valid DNS server, I can surf / ping as normal.
My Linux box is in my trusted zone.

nameserver + ZA Turned Off = Linux surfing OK

nameserver + ZA Turned On = No Linux surfing

nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ( VALID DNS) + ZA Turned on = Linux surfing OK.

The problem is that I could surf properly when nameserver was set to but ZA was turned off. So obviously ZA is stopping something and it does not allow me to use, whereas I can use it if ZA is turned off. I allow DNS port 53 UDP in my Internet settings. Changing nameserver to a valid DNS allows for surfing, so there cannot be anything wrong with UDP Port53 DNS settings.
I would like to surf without changing the nameserver to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx .
How can I configure ZA to allow me to surf and use as a nameserver ?

Everything was working fine until my ISP made changes to which server I connected to when logging in.

Thanks for bearing with me and sorry if it sounds confusing


ps: There are valid reasons as to why I must use as nameserver.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro