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Thread: Unable to remove New Network

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    kdkrone Guest

    Default Unable to remove New Network

    v. Win2K SP4

    I have used ZA for years with minimal problems. Last night, I was configuring a new router (Linksys 300N) to replace my present router (Linksys WRT54g); I was using my laptop and after all of the changing of IP addresses, wireless choices, etc., all was fine. I have not yet installed the new router, just configured it, so I am still using my old setup.

    This AM I went downstairs to my desktop computer to find that ZA had found a new network and asked me whether to put it in trusted zone or internet zone. I tried to get out of the choice because there was no new network, only the configured router, which is unplugged. But ZA would not let me do anything but make the choice. I made an arbitrary choice to put it in Internet zone, then I tried to remove it, which did not work. The house network starts from and the newly found "network" is (the new 300N router is set the same as the old, and, as stated, is now unplugged).

    Since this AM, my network is now a bit flaky and has necessitated unplugging the modem and router to get back on the internet---twice. It is difficult to dismiss the synchronicity of the problems, as I have not had such a problem since I installed the system 6 months ago.

    So... here is some info which may be helpful:

    Under Firewall info:

    Name IP Address/Site Entry Type Zone
    VPN loopback IP Address Trusted
    Loopback adapter IP address Trusted
    _|_ New Netork Network Internet --- this is the "newly found" network
    HOME IP Range Trusted

    What,if anything, can I do to remove the New Network? If there is nothing, should it be Internet or Trusted? If I keep having a flaky home network, what can I do to start again? If I re-install, will the "New Network" likely be eliminated?

    Ken K

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Unable to remove New Network

    Dear kdkrone:

    The only problem I see is that in the Zones tab, you have 2 private network entries with the same IP address range. Keep the Entry Type=Network entry, with the network IP address/subnet. Change it from Internet to Trusted zone. Delete the HOME entry of with Entry Type=IP Range. FYI, the network IP address/subnet for the Network entry covers the IP range of This is a private IP range used by your router to assign IP addresses to the connected PCs. These addresses are not routable on the Internet. The router uses NAT to convert these private IP addresses in the public IP address that is assigned to you by your ISP. Anyway, everything else looks OK. I can't say for sure on the VPN entry as I've never used it.

    You can't remove Entry Type=Network entries because they are dynamically created when autodetected and deleted when the connection is shut down. You can change the Name and Zone for an active connection and ZAISS will remember that even after the connection is deleted. When you reconnect, the Network entry is recreated along with the Name/Zone that you previously changed.

    Hope this helps.


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