I'm trying to connect my two computers and for the longest time, I could not
files between them while Zone Alarm is running.
Each had a static IP address assigned in a workgroup.
SO, since I only networked them SOME of the time anyway, and since
neither would not be connected to the internet while networked, I would shut down Zone Alarm and the connection would be fine on both computers for me to do what I needed with files & folders on both.
NOW... I would like to know now how to configure Zone Alarm so that I can leave the program running and still access files from each computer.
Obviously something in ZA is preventing that from happening and I tried to play with some settings and nothing happened-
NO ACCESS... one thing though... on my XP pc at least, it did SEE the other computer because I saw the computer name, but when I clicked on it to see the shared folders it gave me the sand timer and an error message and no connection.
My WinME computer didn't even do that much, it just gave me the timer when I clicked "Entire Network" with the error message after waiting about 2-3 minutes.
- I tried going into the "Firewall" section in ZA and adding a 'subnet'
and also 'IP' using each computer's IP & subnet addresses and put them into "Trusted" zone- I tried the same and adding the same IPs as 'Internet'... even tried adding the router IP and doing the same- nothing changed, still no access in either direction when applied.

The sharing
only worked when shut down.
Eventually, I want to allow both computers to connect to each other and share specific files/folders, while both have access to the web (using the router that connects them).
Can someone help me out here?
What do I need to do?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)