Hi,afte many years with Windows XP and ZAPro, I miss the privacy settings, the popup blocker and a faster reboot time.
In Vista all there nice things are not there, and as you can see from signature, it's not because my PC is slow.Except ZAP and Antivir, no other program start... and it takes about
a minute or more with ZAP than when the PC started without.Anyway, except these nothing wrong so far.Windows firewall and defender are off completely, and I wonder whether privacy settings and popup will be back again for Vista version.
It's sad to see in PC Flank that the browser test failed in cookies and referrers.. Before I got a green smile and now a red sad mouth :-)
Can you telle me more about the future features in ZAP for Vista.

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro