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    loribee Guest

    Default Junk Mail Filter

    I'm running XP Pro with windows live mail and the junk mail filter won't work anymore and often gives me an error and won't let me click into the advanced area either....What could be wrong

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Junk Mail Filter

    See/ click here >
    <hr>4. How do I configure ZoneAlarm Anti-Spam to work with Hotmail?

    Currently ZoneAlarm Anti-Spam supports Hotmail only when it is used with Outlook Express. If you have a Hotmail account, add it to Outlook Express as any other email account.
    1. Under the &quot;Tools&quot; menu, select &quot;Accounts&quot;
    2. Click the &quot;Add&quot; button and select &quot;Mail&quot;
    3. Follow the instruction for adding a new account. When an address ending in is specified, Outlook Express will recognize it as a Web-based account and fill out the server information automatically. When finished, there will be a number of Web-specific options, including downloading the Hotmail folder structure. Once completed, re-start Outlook Express.

    ZoneAlarm Anti-Spam also supports Yahoo! through Outlook and Outlook Express when Outlook and Outlook Express are accessed using POP3. However, ZoneAlarm Anti-Spam does not presently work with the AOL client.<hr>Here comes some grey issues: Live mail is web based email system, which will need Outlook to work with ZA junk filters, but Microsoft is slowly 'phasing out' the use of Outlook alltogether as it tries to make Live Mail an
    all encompassing
    'multi-app portal.' You may have to use the junk filters of Live mail - only. See this board for recent issues &gt;
    <hr>and you may also do a 'red search box' of live mail/hotmail &gt;;sort_by=-date
    = for some issues from past posts.<hr>If you use Live mail, use IE 7; and in ZA program control - IE &gt; three green bars, Access - two green checks, Server - two ' ? ' , Mail - green check. If you use Live Messenger/ with/without webcam - Server - two green checks.<hr>Also make
    sure PrivacyProtection in ZA, there is less restrictions/ blocks on Live
    mail - it's cookies, sometimes 'ads', mobile code, etc. Sometimes - restricting the ads or cookies
    in Live mail - stops Live mail from loading properly.
    <hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 5-22-08 - The Letter - The Box Tops

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