wrmosca posted a question on 12/29/07 regarding this issue in http://forums.zonealarm.com/zonelabs...ssage.id=50840.
I'd like to amplify on this a bit as the answers that came back were: 1) Delete all the programs in Program Control and in effect, start overX-(
2) or the laborious task of hunting 'n pecking your way through your list of programs (items)
and individually deleting programs based on your best guess as to what's no longer needed. This option requires that you Search for each item you don't recognize to see if it still exists (or you simply guess).X-(
Quite frankly, while both of these options may be the only ones available, this is unacceptable! I've been using ZA for a long time now and it's very disappointing that the programmers on ZA haven't adequately addressed this issue. This is a housekeeping issue in programmers jargon, and poor housekeeping is poor programming, pure and simple. ZA needs to create a semi-automated method of cleaning out their Program Control area. The first criteria should be to automatically sweep Program Control and create a Deletion List for 1) items that no longer exist anywhere on the computer 2) for multiple items of the same name, but of different dates, revision, or file location. I'm sure that other considerations may exist.
For you ZA Guru folks - how do we purchasers of ZA get this issue in front of the ZA Programming team so this can get properly addressed and fixed?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro