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Thread: Having ZoneAlarm unlearn

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    Default Having ZoneAlarm unlearn

    I have a small peer to peer network here at work. About a month ago I reported that I believe ZoneAlarm had stopped non-ZA computers from accessing another non-ZA computer. Message was that "Hill2 is not accessible. You might not have permission..." The workgroup was originally named "Hill" but when possibly ZA denied people from using it, I renamed the group to Hill2. That worked for a few days until the same problem came up. I have ZA (the pay for version) on 4 machines, there are about 10 machines in the group. Can I tell ZA to just do the basic protection without learing? Can I can ZA to forget what it learned? Help!
    Thanks all.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Having ZoneAlarm unlearn

    It is possible the IPs of the other PC had changed or these are dyanmically assigned not statically assigned. Then the ZA will see these as no longer trusted, but instead as internet.
    It is possible there was a power surge or drop and the hardwares did some changes/resets.

    Is this a peer to peer or a vpn or workgroup?
    Are these IPs involved on the local area network or internet IPs?
    Are the IP with subnets added as Trusted or just the IP ranges?

    Best regards.

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