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Thread: Can't start or terminate firefox.exe

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    Default Can't start or terminate firefox.exe

    After installing ZoneAlarm Security Suite I can no longer start Firefox. Although "firefox.exe" appears in the task manager the actual program form never opens. I can't kill the process either (tried task manager and taskkill.exe). So I am stuck with a ghost process after installing the Security Suite.
    I am running Vista Home Premium (32bit) with the latest updates. My ZA Security Suite
    is up to date also. I am running administrator account with UAC disabled. I am also certain the problem appeared after installing the Security Suite.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Can't start or terminate firefox.exe

    Open the ZA and open the program control listing and remove the Firefox from the list.
    Then back to the main panel for the program control and set the program control slider to Medium (learning mode) instead of High (strict control) settings.
    Now close the ZA and shut it off (in the options in the icon view).
    Then open the ZA.
    Now open the Firefox.
    Allow all ZA alerts and use the always.

    Open the ZA and find the Firefox listing, right click the firefox.exe and open the Options, check the first two items listed and apply and ok.
    Give the Firefox the hightest trust rating (three greenbars), access to the trusted and internet zones and the trusted server rights; and if using the email client with the firefox, then ask for the internet server and the send email.

    Should be okay now.
    The program control will return to the High setting by itself after a few weeks or so.

    Best regards.

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