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Thread: Uninstalled KB951748 and set Zone Security to Med-STILL NO CONNECTIVITY (workarounds AREN'T working)

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    morey Guest

    Default Re: Set Zone Security to Med-IT WORKS

    I also reduced my Internet Zone Security to medium and it works with the new MS Malware Protection for Windows XP.
    At High in Stealth Mode I cannot access the Internet.
    My daughter uses Symentec End Point Firewall Software which was installed last week for her by her company.
    It was installed with their "Threatware" function permanently disabled.
    No one at her company could figure out how to enable it.
    Evidently, Symantec had already adjusted their firewall for the MS Malware Protection update.
    It may be that we will be forced to leave Zone Alarm Firewall at Medium or make some other adjustment to the Zone Alarm Firewall to allow it to co-exist with the MS Malware Protection software.
    The latter software may permanently allow MS engineers to monitor all their customer sites for malware and proactively block it everywhere if it shows up anywhere.
    I'm going to leave the MS Malware Protection intact and just use Zone Alarm at a Medium Firewall.
    The ZA Medium pane says that we are still protected but others can see our computers.
    That may be necessary now to allow MS to protect us.
    18 Months ago my PC was wiped out by malware and I was using Zone Alarm then.
    It did NOT protect me.
    Thus, this new MS Malware Protection software should NOT be uninstalled in my opinion.
    It is a NECESSITY.

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    old_tymer Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall KB951748 works for me

    Uninstalling the update KB951748 worked for me on XP Home. After uninstalling, I could leave my setting on HIGH and everything worked. Without uninstalling, setting to Medium did work. In order to uninstall from XP, look at the root directory (usually Windows) for $NTUninstallKB951748; in that folder you will find spuninst.exe. Just click on that and it will uninstall. Make sure you turn off automatic updates BEFORE you restart. Note also (you can find this in an MS KB note) that if you uninstall more than a single KBupdate, you MUST do so in the reverse order they were installed. In this case, no problem, as you are only uninstalling a single KBupdate.

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    jimpivonka Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall KB951748 AND set Automatic Updates to download only

    In addition to uninstalling the problem KB951748 the settings for Automatic Update have to be changed to prevent re installation of the update. To do this set Automatic Update to download the updates only, and require system administrator approval before installing them. For the problem update, KB951748, disapprove the install and check the "do not show this update again" option box.

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    Default Uninstalled KB951748 and set Zone Security to Med-STILL NO CONNECTIVITY (workarounds AREN'T working)

    Either uninstall the MS updates KB951748 and KB951698 (in the Control Panel's Add and Remove Programs and check the "Show updates" box) or set the ZA's Internet Security slider to Medium<hr>
    It is more secure to use the Internet Security slider at the High level not at the Medium level.
    Or use the High and create specific rules will work as well with the latest MS updates.

    If you wish to retain the MS updates and use the Internet Security slider at High (the default and correct setting), then do an uninstall of the ZA, after the required re-boot then manually remove the files found inside of these folders:
    [*]WINDOWS\ Internet Logs folder[*]Program Files\Zone Labs folder[*]WINDOWS\system32\ Zonelabs folder[*] any files in the Windows\Temp folder[*] and any files found in the Temp folders found in the Document and Settings[*]empty the Recycle Bin

    Then re-install the ZA.

    This method has been successful with the older ZA and with the latest MS updated all installed, on a windows xp he sp3.

    Best regards.

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