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    kazee Guest

    Default RE: No Internet: ZA Firewall is problem

    I have Earthlink Cable Broadband, after calling them they told me many people calling, problem is with ZoneAlarm.
    They suggested using Symantec or other, tried to sell me subscription.
    My solution for now:
    Enable Windows Firewall (Control Panel\Windows Firewall).
    Disable ZoneAlarm Firewall (Zonealarm Firewall, drag both sliders to OFF).

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    jimpivonka Guest

    Default No Internet: Windows Update KB951748 is problem

    This MS security update has broken Zone Alarm's High security setting for the Internet Zone.

    INAPPROPRIATE responses would be to disable Zone Alarm or to set the Internet Zone to Medium Security.

    The appropriate response is to roll back MS update KB951748 until a fix is issued. This is done in Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs with the "show updates" option checked, or by using system restore to restore to a point before the update.

    Automatic Updates must also be set to prevent re installation of this update by using the option to download updates, but require system administrator approval before installing them, and disapproving the update and then checking the option to not show the KB951748 update again.

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    Default Re: No Internet: Windows Update KB951748 is problem

    Either uninstall the MS updates KB951748 and KB951698 (in the Control Panel's Add and Remove Programs and check the "Show updates" box) or set the ZA's Internet Security slider to Medium<hr>
    It is more secure to use the Internet Security slider at the High level not at the Medium level.
    Or use the High and create specific rules will work as well with the latest MS updates.

    If you wish to retain the MS updates and use the Internet Security slider at High (the default and correct setting), then do an uninstall of the ZA, after the required re-boot then manually remove the files found inside of these folders:
    [*]WINDOWS\ Internet Logs folder[*]Program Files\Zone Labs folder[*]WINDOWS\system32\ Zonelabs folder[*] any files in the Windows\Temp folder[*] and any files found in the Temp folders found in the Document and Settings[*]empty the Recycle Bin

    Then re-install the ZA.

    This method has been successful with the older ZA and with the latest MS updated all installed, on a windows xp he sp3.

    Best regards.

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    morey Guest

    Default Re: RE: No Internet: ZA Firewall is problem

    It appears that Symantec configured
    at least one of their
    firewall programs in advance one week ago to disable their &quot;threatware&quot; protection so as to be compatible with the MS Malware Protection Program just automatically installed today to all XP users.
    My daughter uses that product and had no clashes with today's MS installation.
    Hopefully, ZA will have their patch by tomorrow to also fit in with the new environment.
    I would be very apprehensive in uninstalling the MS program.
    Just 18 months ago with ZASS protection running a malware product wiped my Dell PC clean.
    It took me 3 full business days to reinstall all my software with special help from an upper tier Dell technician.
    After that experience a Dell VP called me personally to tell me that THOUSANDS of Dell PC's had the same experience.
    In my opinion this MS program is ESSENTIAL and should not be uninstalled.

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    webwanderer Guest

    Default Re: RE: No Internet: ZA Firewall is problem

    I agree. Uninstalling 951748 should be only temporary. Also it appears that the latest version of ZASS 70_483 has fixed the problem.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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