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Thread: ZA blocks Internet?!

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    flintstoned_ Guest

    Default ZA blocks Internet?!

    Hi there!
    I don't know what's happening today, all bad luck I guess, and NOW ZA blocks my access to the internet and I don't even know why?!

    I started my day with no internets, after a while of searching, flaming and panicing, I turned of ZA and what do you know, I had internet again, I deinstalled ZA and tried again.. no succes, Everytime ZA startsup I don't get any connection. Now I have no FireWall running..

    WHat do I have to do?!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    jimpivonka Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Work Around for MS update KB951748 internet block

    The Zone Alarm work around is described at "ZONEALARM SECURITY ADVISORY - Workaround to Sudden Loss of Internet Access Problem" at this URL:

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Work Around for MS update KB951748 internet block

    Either uninstall the MS updates KB951748 and KB951698 (in the Control Panel's Add and Remove Programs and check the "Show updates" box) or set the ZA's Internet Security slider to Medium<hr>
    It is more secure to use the Internet Security slider at the High level not at the Medium level.
    Or use the High and create specific rules will work as well with the latest MS updates.

    If you wish to retain the MS updates and use the Internet Security slider at High (the default and correct setting), then do an uninstall of the ZA, after the required re-boot then manually remove the files found inside of these folders:
    [*]WINDOWS\ Internet Logs folder[*]Program Files\Zone Labs folder[*]WINDOWS\system32\ Zonelabs folder[*] any files in the Windows\Temp folder[*] and any files found in the Temp folders found in the Document and Settings[*]empty the Recycle Bin

    Then re-install the ZA.

    This method has been successful with the older ZA and with the latest MS updated all installed, on a windows xp he sp3.

    Best regards.

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    phrider Guest

    Default Clean reinstall didn't work for me on ZAF 7.0.470

    I dutifully deleted the folders and temp files, but my &quot;cleanly&quot; reinstalled ZAF 7.0.470 would not allow internet access without moving the Internet security level to Medium.
    I did do an uninstall and a folder cleanup before attempting the reinstall.
    Perhaps there is some registry cleaning needed, too?

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    Default Re: Clean reinstall didn't work for me on ZAF 7.0.470

    There are no registry setting for the connection controlled by the ZA, so no need to do any registry cleaning.
    The uninstall and re-install seems to work for some and not others.
    Trying to figure things out myself and see what works and what doesn't.

    Best regards.

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    flintstoned_ Guest

    Default Re: Clean reinstall didn't work for me on ZAF 7.0.470

    Didn't work for me either, I did set my Internet Security from HIGH to MID, and that worked.
    I hope ZA or MS will fix this problem ASAP!

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    mike532 Guest

    Default Re: ZA blocks Internet?!

    Tried the above method with v7.0.470.000 on an XP PRO SP3 system.
    Removed all the files listed -in SAFE MODE ,ADMINISTRATOR MODE and USER MODE - just to be sure.
    Failed !

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