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Thread: Hello everybody! I have the same problem for the KB951748...

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    maurizio Guest

    Default Hello everybody! I have the same problem for the KB951748...

    Hello everybody!
    I have the same problem for the KB951748 MS updating: no internet

    So, we have to rely to the next updating/fix by MS or ZoneAlarm? (or both?)

    My config winxp home Sp3 / Za free 7.0.470.00

    Bye from Italy

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    cf_guy Guest

    Default KB951748 prevents ZoneAlarm from working

    I was just logging on to say the same thing, basically.

    I have WinXP SP2 (SP3 5ux) and when I installed the KB951748 update it made ZoneAlarm act as if the Internet Block were turned on; all authorized applications would NOT access the internet after the update - even if you uninstalled ZA then re-installed it with KB951748 applied, ZA would NOT work, at all.

    I removed the KB951748 update and ZA, reboot, installed ZA, reboot, and everything works fine.

    I had posted earlier RE: not being able to install ZA after an un-install. I was directed to a post that said you need to manually delete all ZA related folders before starting a new install (C:\Windows\System32\ZoneLabs; C:\Windows\System32\Internet Logs; the directory ZA was installed directly to; C:\Windows\Temp).

    I went to the Microsoft website and used their "Contact Us" link to inform them that if they didn't fix the problem they would lose another customer to Linux.

    Next on my agenda - contact Comcast and let them know what's wrong with KB951748.


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    manx Guest

    Default Re: Hello everybody! I have the same problem for the KB951748...

    I am writing from France and have some general questions
    1) XP SP3 - When I installed KB951748 I had no problem accessing internet. Could this be because there was an auto update on Zone Alarm Basic Firewall that took place before
    the problem update took place. Or is SP3 immune to this problem
    2) Although there is the new version of Zone Alarm 70_483 in English, what about International users, and specifically for me the French version. Or if you use the installation program will it automatically install the French 70_483.
    3) Is there an executable patch which exists. I
    may have clients who have lost their connection, are unable to disinstall patches reinstall programs etc especially without internet. Also these programs have been set up, trusted zones,
    trusted programs and other configs have been set up which will probably be lost if you reinstall fresh. I need a exe patch that updates
    an older version of ZA and keeps all configuration.
    The MS Patch is obviously important and ZA has to make its program work for it, without having to disinstall,
    or remove MS Updates which will probably reinstall itself again later. My advice is :
    publish an exe patch on the Zone Alarm website that works for all international versions as
    well as English
    so that
    IT technicians can get this problem resolved quickly for their clients.
    How did this happen in the first place.
    Shouldn't the developpers of ZA get a chance to test updates before they are issued to the public. Surely in future this must be addressed. How many users are now going to switch to another
    Firewall supplier.

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