Hi, to all ZA Pro fans and users.
I have router Edimax ADSL2++ and ZA Pro on my computer. However, there is one issue that really bothers with my router and ZA Pro. what I really want is next:
I want to allow all inbound traffic to my computer so ZA Pro can block it. what I've discovered is that despite I had NAT enabled with firewall+SPI enabled in my router, ZA Pro still blocked some incoming intrusions that router didn't.
So, I decided to simply allow all inbound traffic to my computer so ZA can block it.
But is there any way how to do that?
Basically, I want to make router useless, so that ZA pro can do its job.
what I can do to disable NAT?
I've had no problem with disabling firewall+SPI and when I deactivate NAT all internet traffic is blocked-I can't surf.
How to disable NAT completely, how to make my default IP gateway usable in the same way I had in previous modem, so ZA can continue to block intrusions like it did with my previous modem.
It's just matter of trust, I simply trust ZA more than any router in this world.
Can anyone please help me with this kind of configuration?
I simply want to disable my router's protection completely (I want to disable NAT completely), and let ZA do all the dirty job of blocking inbound (and outbound) intrusion attempts.
Is this possible in any way?
Big thank you for any help you can give me.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro