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Thread: Is there a way to check how many files that I have on my pc?

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    Default Is there a way to check how many files that I have on my pc?

    I got the update version of zonealarm and I started to notice that scanning time is a lot less on the newer version. I thought it must be some sort of configuration issue. It usually takes me about an hour and half just to scan for virus and possible another hour and half for spyware. For some reason anti-virus now only take less than thirty minutes and the total files scanned is about 66,000. I think it used to be 200,000 files scanned in the older version (or my older set up).
    My main question is on the scan option, the part where it ask me to skip the object if it's greater than x mb. I don't really want to skip any objects. What's the appropriate set up for this? What does it really mean? What happen if I set the number of mb larger or smaller? What happened when I uncheck the option at all?


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    Default Re: Is there a way to check how many files that I have on my pc?

    To tall how many files and directories, right click drive letter > Properties > General.
    I assume you're using ZASS. Skipping files greater than x mb (your expression) means just that.
    I suppose the assumption here is these are pictures or pdf files that may not need to be scanned every time since they're unlikely to include malware.
    If you unchek the option, all files will be scanned.

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    Default Re: Is there a way to check how many files that I have on my pc?

    Almost every virus and worm ever written has file size that is smaller than the .5-1 meg in size, most are a lot smaller perhaps a few thousand kb.
    Virus writers are effective coders and do not write bloat software - the bloat written software job is for microsoft.
    No real need to scan the large size as these do not pose a security threat.

    Usually the exact number of files of the drive can be found in the Report of the Analysis of the disk defragmenter of windows.
    However the windows report and the antivirus report of the exact numbers of total files will differ as the antivirus will unpack zips, rars, compressed files and installers and compressed files and count all of the file contained within each, whereas windows does not and just gives a rough count. Indeed even different antivirus scanners will give different total number of files with the very same drive or folder or file - it all depends on how they report the number of files located inside of the other files.

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