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Thread: Selective Privacy Advisor popups ?

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    Default Selective Privacy Advisor popups ?


    I like the Privacy Advisor popping up to give me an idea of where to start adjusting the settings for a site that is malfunctioning.

    But more often than not I am not fast enough with the mouse to get down to the popup and click 'more details' before one of the adsites or pops up its own advisor.

    So i find myself reclicking and trying to catch the correct popup in time.

    I don't like that and would like to configure the popups so that some sites such as adsites and do not trigger a popup at all.

    Is that possible?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Selective Privacy Advisor popups ?

    It is either on or off kind of deal with no customizing.
    Actually it is intended as a help to see what it needed to be allowed for best accessing sites.
    Once you get things organized and settled, just turn it off.
    If the ad blocking. popups private headers and third party cookies and all the scripts are set to be blocked for all sites other than the sites needed, then you are probably all set.
    Usually if a site does need javascripts or cookies allowed to work properly, they often will say so.

    Usually after installing the ZA, I allow everything in the privacy and them immediately visit all the web mail, logins, forums, email clients, work sites, download sites, do all the updates for everything such as for scanners and for windpws or do the update checks, etc. Then I set the Customs to block almost everything- ads, popups, scripts, etc. This way the sites I need are useable and the rest of the web is safely blocked off.

    Best regards.

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