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Thread: Printer sharing - AGAIN!

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    radist Guest

    Default Printer sharing - AGAIN!

    Hi, I know this has been answered many times, but I have read it all and could not be sure I did it right. I have a desktop hard-wired to a D-Link router. A laptop is connected to the router via wireless. A USB printer is wired to the desktop. Both machines are XP and run a free latest version of ZoneAlarm. I have run the home network set-up wizards and everything works fine, except, you guessed, the printer/file sharing. I tried to do what I got from previous postings, but to no avail. I can t add my network or laptop s names to the Trusted zone, as ZoneAlarm tells me it could not find them. I used the router option of reserving a specific IP for the laptop and adding that IP to the trusted zone, but it did not change a thing. In the Zones tab of zone alarm I have the following for the desktop:
    1. Realtek RLI 8139 Family PCI Fast Internet NIC Adapter subnet (Internet)
    2. DHCP Server
      IP address (Trusted)
    3. Loopback Adapter IP Address (Trusted)

    For the laptop:
    1. Realtek RTL 8136 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC PacketSchedulerMiniport Adapter subnet (Internet)
    2. Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN#2 - NIC PacketSchedulerMiniport Adapter subnet (Internet)
    3. DHCP Server
      IP address (Trusted)
    4. Loopback Adapter IP Address (Trusted)

    Nothing would get the printer shared until I changed #1 for the desktop and #2 for the laptop to Trusted. But is this the right and safe way to do it? Am I not exposing my network? And BTW, I installed the trial version of Network Magic which came with my router. It seems like a useful software for dummies like myself, but is it safe? It asked for all kinds of privileges, including server privileges, during installation.

    Thanks a lot.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Printer sharing - AGAIN!

    With the exception of the wireless adapter which should be Internet most of the time, all others are within your own LAN and should be trusted. You may want to add the printer's IP to the trusted list, and each of the computer's IPs on the other because you're using the free version.

    If to use a printer from the laptop in wireless mode requires Trusted setting, just make sure to use WAP protection and a nice long security key. When you're done printing, you could switch it back to the Internet setting. "Internet" does not permit sharing of resources. See Help. Adapter subnet (Internet) should probably read

    I can't comment on Network Magic, sorry.

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    radist Guest

    Default Re: Printer sharing - AGAIN!

    Thanks for your help. Accessing the printer from the laptop did, indeed require wireless adapter in Trusted mode, but I do use the secure wireless connection. Thanks again.

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