Two days ago (Sunday), I installed ZA Free 7.0.483.000,
doing a full installation over 7.0.462.000.
It installed
with no problems.
I have my PC set up with two user accounts, a main account
with admin privileges that I use mostly for non-net stuff,
and a limited account that I use for web browsing.
I have
to connect to my ISP from the main account before logging
into the limited account, since WinXP doesn't allow it to
make a net connection, only to use an existing one.
I'm done with the net, I log off that account and return to
the main account.
I've been working this way for quite a
while with no problems.
Until Sunday...
When I logged off the limited account, the machine stopped
partway through the logoff procedure, with some system tray
icons remaining.
(Normally, you see them disappear, after
which the desktop disappears.)
At that point, the machine
would not respond to the keyboard and the only way I could
get its attention was to pull the plug.
Same thing yesterday, although this time I was paying more
attention and saw that the last system tray icon to go was
the ZA icon.
In looking at the ZA preferences, I noticed that they were
set for automatic updates, so I changed that to manual, for
both accounts.
After that, logging off the limited account
worked properly.
So it looks to me like there's something about the automatic
updates procedure that's to blame for the hangs.
System info:WinXP Pro SP2
ZA Free 7.0.483.000
Also run WinDefender, WinPatrol, SpySweeper, and AVG Free.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)