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Thread: How do I keep undesired web sites off my computer?

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    Default How do I keep undesired web sites off my computer?


    I m trying to get the answers to two questions:
    1. Suppose I DON T want the web sites, and to appear on my computer. How do I use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite to prevent these web sites from ever appearing on my computer (unless I specifically say it s OK to appear)?
    2. In the Privacy Control section of Zone Alarm Security Suite, how do I prevent the Site List from being populated with web site names without my explicit permission.

    Thanks for a prompt response to my two questions.



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: How do I keep undesired web sites off my computer?

    1). Blocking sites is relatively easy with the ZA.
    If the site is seen in the Logs of the Log viewer, then click the entry, open the Add to Zone option and select the site as Blocked.
    If the site is not seen in the Logs, then open the Zones of the Firewall and click the Add, select url addition, type in the url, select the domain lookup and the IP will be found by the ZA (requires internet connection) and select Blocked in the drop down chart.
    Apply and OK.

    Do you need some tips for lists/premade lists or further advice in this area?

    2).As for the sites getting added, it really cannot be avoided. I assume the ZA adds all seen sites to ensure the Privacy is providing maximum security.

    Usually I installed the ZA, visited all needed sites for the downloads, emails, forum, online videos, etc with almost everything allowed in the Privacy.
    Once the site listing is fully populated with the needed sites, I then set the Privacy to maximum blocking.
    This way the needed sites get full access and any unwanted sites give the least content to my browsers.
    Plus this makes it visually easier to remove the unwanted sites in the list.

    Best regards.
    Best regards.

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