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    hapitauk Guest

    Default WinSystem32\Search Protocol Host

    I have been having problems with ZA--downloaded the newest version recently and I think I did the upgrade not the clean install--but can't remember for sure.
    Have had trouble accessing some websites but if I close down ZA can then access.
    Also constantly keep getting pop up alerts asking if I want a clear text password sent when accessing different websites.
    I did a reset and so far that seems to be working--can now access sites I wasn't able to before but haven't entered any passwords in My Vault yet so don't know if the pop up alerts will start again when I do.
    My question is when I did the reset and restarted the computer and followed the directions the first pop up alert
    I got was Microsoft Windows Search Indexer was trying to launch WinSystem32\SearchProtocolHost.exe--I wasn't sure if this should be denied or not so I denied it.
    Should I have allowed it and if so can I make the change and allow it?
    Is there any way to know for sure which things you should allow and what ones not to?
    If I continue to have problems should I do an uninstall and clean install--I noted the directions to do this in another post when searching for answers.
    I am using Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: WinSystem32\Search Protocol Host

    Hi!probably the upgrade didn't go well, the best is to remove ZA with the clean procedure and reinstall.To clean remove ZA follow the instruction below:** Remember to remove the folders mentioned at the end of the document and keep note of your license since it will be wiped out.Note that ZASS does not play nice with many other security tool (adware, SpybotS&D, AVG, Norton, Mcafee, Spyware doctor, ss, etc..), if you have them installed (excluding windows defender) please remove and install them back (if you really need to) if you see everything is working as it should.After removing ZA and other tools, give a nice cleaning of your system and registry with ccleaner. again the latest version here: with default settings do NOT alter them. ZA is set to ensure maximum protection already at default.Once installed and after a reboot, go to the ZA antivirus/antisyware and 'update now'. After the update ZA will ask to scan your system. Let it go.Note that the first 20 days of work, ZASS will automatically give permission to programs running on the system.You should not see any pop-up nor that pop-up about the search engine.Also note that ZA privacy protection can create, if not set properly, a lot of problem in viewing webpages.See this tutorial on how to troubleshoot issues with ZA privacy control: may be useful you also have a look to the ZA 8 manual: this helps.Cheers,Fax

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    hapitauk Guest

    Default Re: WinSystem32\Search Protocol Host

    Okay I have tried to do everything on the list but I have a few more questions.
    For the uninstall it said you had to remove Cisco Systems VPN client first which I did--is this something I require and if so where can I find it to reinstall?
    I downloaded the cleaner and ran that but was unsure what to do about the registry part of it--can I click "fix everything"--will anything be deleted that I might need--I am not at all familiar with registry items.
    I don't have any other security tools except Windows Defender--should it run at the same time as ZA or should I turn it off.
    I have turned off Windows Firewall.
    When ZA first started and it found a new network should that be in the Trusted Zone or the Internet Zone--Internet Zone was already clicked so I left it there.

    And finally, should cookie control and ad blocking be turned on?
    Really appreciate all your help.
    Hopefully this will solve my problems--I have had Zone Alarm for years and have not had any problems at all up to now.

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