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    rads Guest

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    Hi, on "Zonealarm - security suite" it does not appear at the bottom of the screen "minmisied" any more once the PC is started up. Before an update some time ago, Zonealarm is running as it has an icon "Z, red/green bars" on the bottom right task bar. Do i need to worry, how can i configure my settings to make zonealarm do this again?
    Many thanks

    Operating System:Windows Vista Business
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    vode Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Start Up

    Hi, this some times
    happens to me
    and I've found that if I navigate to the All Programs/Zonealarm shortcut and click on it then the system area icon is restored. On one PC I've also put this shortcut into the All Users Startup
    folder because the system area icon goes missing so often. My
    guess is that there's some registry setting that's gone missing, but I'm sure that the best advice for getting it restored is a clean re-install.
    Personally I'll stick with my workaround and then do a clean install next time there's a new release.

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