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Thread: Keylogger alert ---> AAvast's ashServ.exe ??

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    Default Keylogger alert ---> AAvast's ashServ.exe ??

    Dear Forum,

    Why did ZoneAlarm suddenly provide a keylogger warning (refer below) about ashServ.exe?

    I have not seen this message before and am a little worried!

    Thanks in advance!

    ZA Warning Message:
    Aavast! antivirus service is attempting to monitor user activities on this computer. If allowed it may try to track or log keystrokes (user input), mouse movements/clicks, web sites visited, and other user behaviours.
    Application: ashServ.exe
    Location: C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4
    Size: 155,160 Bytes
    Size on disk: 155,648 bytes
    Created: Tuesday, 1 April 2008, 4:13:24PM

    Allow or Deny

    (Please note Aavast is purposely spelled with an extra a)


    Here is my setup:
    Aavast 4.8.1290
    Windows XP SP3
    ZA Pro 8.0.059
    Mbam 1.30
    Firefox 3.04

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    Default Re: Keylogger alert ---> AAvast's ashServ.exe ??

    You are getting that ZA Warning, because the A vast listing in Program Control may have "X" or "?" permission.. and not Green Check mars for Access level..Check your ZA Program Control/Program section and look down the list for 'A Vast" and make sure it has been given Super Trusted level and Trusted & Internet Access permission..

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