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Thread: Re: HP C7280 printer won't work unless I un-install Zone Alarm

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    cirious Guest

    Default Re: HP C7280 printer won't work unless I un-install Zone Alarm

    Both my boyfriend and I have the same problem with our HP C4280 all in one printers (both using XPsp3)-- and I see the fix here, but exactly where do we enter or delete this information from the path? And, if it's to exclude it from the scanning part of ZA, does that mean the fix will also work (and we'd be able to print) when it's not scanning for viruses? If the fix works, I'd really like a less technical explanation of what to do and what the fix is doing, step-by-step, if someone can take the time.

    This is really vexing since being able to print isn't just something that's incidental. Someone also mentioned that the new Vista Beta addresses this problem, but what about us XP dinosaurs?


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    pump_meister Guest

    Default Re: HP C7280 printer won't work unless I un-install Zone Alarm

    I will try to explain this for you... I also have an HP printer.

    You have to understand that there are really two virus scanning processes that ZoneAlarm is normally using.

    One is the normal full system, file by file, scan that you can schedule and it takes a while to complete (normally set up to run once a month unless you change it).

    The other is "On Access Scanning" which means that ZoneAlarm will scan files for viruses as you open them or use them--this also affects files that you may not open explicitly yourself, for example, any files that get created or accessed during a print job.

    The On Access Scanning is very useful since it will generally catch any virus activity much sooner than the full system scan will.
    The challenge is that it seems that the "On Access Scanning" (at least in my case)
    might cause issues for certain types of computer processes... HP printer drivers seem to have problems with "On Access Scanning", for example.
    I don't know the exact specifics of why this is the case, but it seems like to me that the "On Access Scanning" pauses (indefinitely) the print job while it is trying to scan all relevant files opened/created during a print job.

    This essentially causes the print job to "get stuck".
    The fix, as you mentioned, is to set "exceptions" for the relevant folders so that the "On Access Scanner" will basically ignore any files or printer driver components in the relevant folders.There is a place in Zone Alarm's Advanced Options to set these exceptions... they are just references to folders or files on your computer that you want the scanner to ignore.
    While you can also shut off On Access Scanning there as well, the safer bet, at least in my view, is to set an exception.
    I don't have the fix posted by the forum moderator handy, but it sounds like you have found it... so I hope my info above clarifies everything for you.
    Don't be concerned about the fix... it really does work fine, and I am
    guessing that Checkpoint will probably release an update in the future that will eliminate the need for the fix.

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