Hi folks
i am having some stalling issues Since installing Security suite V8., it's slow to connect to my hompage when i first open the internet explorer and then it seams to work ok for a while then stalls out my pc then bursts back into life on and off
and generlly acts like a digital anchor on my pc and anthing realted to surfing the net.

Prior to upgrading to this version i had V70.483.00 which work fine except for the spywhere scanner used to stall out so i had to buy Webroots spysweeper,
Any ideas
My Pc Spec's
Intel core 2 Quadcore 2.6Ghz Extrime Ed 1033Fsb.4Gb DDR 3 1333 slowed to match Processors FSB by motherboardStandard DVD-RWCreative XF-I
Platinum Ed4 Sarta 2 HDD'sGigabyte X48T Mo'bo'
Windows XP Pro with SP3ZA Forcefield v1.2.137.0System Mechanic V 8.5

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite