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Thread: Zone Alarm suddently interfering with QuickBooks Point of Sale

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    tarofields Guest

    Default Zone Alarm suddently interfering with QuickBooks Point of Sale


    I run a small business on Quickbooks Point of Sale v.6. For the last two days when I attempt to run QBPOS on my computer I get an error message saying that the program is not allowed to access my company's data file due to a firewall.

    I spent a long time with with Intuit's customer service to uninstall QBPOS and reinstall... just in case the error was due to some corrupted file in the installation but to no avail -- I still receive the same error message despite reinstalling QBPOS.

    I tried to install Point of Sale on a separate computer that also runs Zone Alarm. I got the same exact error message.

    I confirmed in ZoneAlarm's log file that a major database file that QBPOS uses has been blocked for the last two days. In short, it seems like ZoneAlarm is interfering with my Point of Sale program's ability to read it's own database. Despite releasing full access rights in ZoneAlarm's program control, it still seems to interfere with the program -- even when I shut ZoneAlarm off completely!

    Since both computers have the exact same problem, I can only assume it is due to a recent update to ZoneAlarm that may have been downloaded overnight.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Will uninstalling ZoneAlarm clear up this mess? My business depends on these programs working correctly and if ZoneAlarm will continue to interfere with their smooth functioning, I will have to dump ZoneAlarm entirely.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    pump_meister Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm suddently interfering with QuickBooks Point of Sale

    I am just a ZoneAlarm user like yourself... (not on staff, not a "guru&quot ...
    but here is something you may want to try...

    Try setting anti-virus exceptions on the directories where your application software and the database resides.
    To do this in the Zone Alarm Control Center, click on the Advanced Options button on the Anti-Virus/Spyware Main screen, then click on Exceptions under Virus Management (not Spyware Managment).
    From there, follow the instructions in the dialog box to add an exception for the relevant directories.

    Reason for the above:
    You may have gotten an Anti-virus update during the normal updating process that causes the On-Access Scanning to interact differently with your application software.

    Setting Exceptions will basically tell On-Access Scanning to ignore relevant files and/or directories.

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    pump_meister Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm suddently interfering with QuickBooks Point of Sale

    Forgot to mention that I recommend to reboot your computer after you set the exceptions just so that you force ZoneAlarm to restart all over with the exception(s) set.

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