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Thread: Loading Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

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    Default Loading Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

    I have just installed dragon but am having problems loading it up.
    If I leave the program control on the program won't load with an error "Failed to launch UI automation server".
    If I turn the program control off it loads and then I have to turn it back on
    Can anyone help work out how I can setup ZA to allow the automation server

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Loading Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

    Tried it with the Program Control slider at autolearn or the middle level?
    Tried adjusting the program in the ZoneAlarm's Programs listing - right click each of the programs files and open the Options and check the first two items, apply and ok, and give all of the files the super rating (or the three green bars rating) for the Trust rating.
    Also open the OSFirewall tab and set the start up prgrams ands activeX to Ask not Block.

    Best regards.

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