Hi All:
I am just the freshman for zonealarm and amazed by the its fabulous power. Currently i encounter a folder share issue in LAN. In my home there are 2 machines in the LAN. I want each one can access another one. By default the Trusted Zone Security is set as middle. In that circumstance, the share folder access in LAN is feasible However, this setting has one lethal shortcoming. Once one machine is infected by the virus another one will also be invaded.Actually i know that it can be available if the specific IP address is added into the Trusted Zone even if the level for Trusted Zone Security is set as high. Unfortunately, the machine will also be invaded if another one is infected.
Then i turn to the expert section for firewall. After google some specific information, i learn that the folder share will not be available until the 137,138(UDP) and 139(TCP) for the destination port is configuration. Nonetheless, these two machine can't access each other. The IP addresses for these two are and
Anyone can give me the solution for this issue?

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro