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Thread: Proper Privacy Settings ??

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    Default Proper Privacy Settings ??

    I find that keeping my Privacy Settings at Cookie Control=High; Ad Blocking=High; Mobile Control=On, causes many sites to freeze especially shopping sites and music sites which tend to transfer one to secondary servers.

    By reducing my settings to Cookie Control=Medium; Ad Blocking and Mobile Contor=Off, I don't get those freezes.
    Of course with everything on High I can adjust individual sites on the Site List but it requires too many adjustments.
    I wonder if anyone else has any comments on the proper settings for Privacy.

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    Default Re: Proper Privacy Settings ??

    Hi!just use your browser for controlling cookies and a free add-on for blocking ads (IE7PRO for IE or ad-blocking for Firefox) and turn off ZA privacy control. This is at least what i do... and it works perfectly fine.Cheers,Fax

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