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Thread: How to allow streaming video

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    triding Guest

    Default How to allow streaming video

    Security Suite has suddenly stopped me from playing videos such as from YouTube.
    I turned of Security Suite and the videos worked fine so it must be something under Security Suite.
    I looked under Program Controls-->Programs but cannot tell which program is causing the problem.
    I have all the typical media players such as Windows Media Player, Adobe, Quicktime, etc.
    Any ideas on how to fix and thanks much.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: How to allow streaming video

    Click here &gt;<hr>1 - allow full access for media players - in program control - three green bars, green checks all the way.Nice little trick - open ZA program while you open the media player and start - see which programs or new files open - these are the ones that need full access.2- look at 'privacy control' - see if there are blocks (cookies, ads, mobile code, etc.)
    or you can simple shut-off all 'privacy controls' - cookies, ads, mobile control - these can prevent proper access3 - for some streaming media - it is sometimes recommended to lower program control from 'high' to 'medium' &lt; just check to see if it works or...4 - for some streaming media - it is sometimes recommended to &quot;temporarily&quot;
    lower ZA's firewall settings &gt; 'internet zone - from 'high' to 'medium' - remember to return to high after use.5 - in some rare cases, the anti-virus/ spy site blocker
    may hinder full access<hr>For further info. - right click ZA tray icon &gt; click &quot;Help&quot; = this is your User Guide &gt; read thru - &gt;look at chapter 'troubleshooting' &gt; third-party software &gt; streaming media programs.Also look at 'privacy protection' - this feature's setting will sometimes hinder proper access; sometimes - shutting it off helps.

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