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hi findleyi thankyou for your patience with mei have done all u have told me abouti still am unable to pull up the ipconfig /all on my computerit just goes awayit used to work last month cuz the windows up date tech had me pull it up when their stupid sp3 update did my compuetr in but it doesnt work now so i may need to call them back and raise........ my voicei have 1) dhcp2)dns servers in trusted3) the intel r pro 100.....has my 2 ipaddyssays adapter sub....BUT itis in internet zone(irecognize that ip was given to me to put in by the windows tech guy)all 3 of those are in my firewall zones sectioni think i have done everything else ok exceept that ipconfig thing cuz i CANT do itis that important now cuz i already have the stuff in trustedand yes i did take the other un free stuff off cuz it was too hard to doi also went back to **bleep** which im used tois it possible im using this program and thinkng im safe and im not?sorry if im paranoid loli just hate this not feeling safe stuff nowadaysthanks !!

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<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Try this to get the Results of IP config /all to display so you can read it..1.) click Start, Programs, a Popup list og programs will display2.) look at the top of the Listand click on "Accessories" 3.) that sould popup a side windows of listed windows accessories, 4.) Click on "Command Prompt", this should open up a Black DOS Windows5.) at the Blinking Cursor type in ipconfig /all (enter)6.) now copy down all the IP Addresses listed dor IP, DHCP, DNS and use that information to complete the instruction from Findley..Good Luck..-----------------------ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
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