I test P2P software and ZASS on a clean installed computer connected with Internet through a NAT router. The used port UDP 43834 is forwarded in the router and without ZASS all works perfectly, practically without lost packets.

The ZASS behavior is extremely strange some of my outgoing packets where blocked by the Personal Policy, sometimes over 50%. The firewall log grows rapidly. I can t discover any relation between the destination ports or the IP-addresses of the blocked packets. There are (about 1:15 in relation with the outgoing) blocked incoming UDP packets on the allowed port too.

The mystery is that sometimes about 650kbps flows some minutes without any problems and later ZASS begins to drop every third outgoing packet Without ZASS the traffic flows again hours without any problem.

In Firewall -> Main -> Internet Zone Security -> Custom -> Internet Zone -> High Security Settings for Internet Zone I added the UDP port booth in allowed incoming and outgoing ports. What more can I do?

ZASS seems not bad FW, but this problem discourages me. I hope somebody knows the solution

Thanks in advance!

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite