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Thread: how to disable these UDP and TCP ports

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    Default Re: how to disable these UDP and TCP ports

    so I tried ShieldsUp and it looks pretty good. Unfortunately it scans only first 1056 ports...

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    Default Re: how to disable these UDP and TCP ports

    Those are the main ports to be concerned about so not really an issue.

    I haven't done a port scan for a long time, but usually there are custom ports to be used for selected customized scanning. I can't use the grc scan because my default browser is locked down to intensely (it would work okay using the IE but not my default browser).

    Also see for a port scan and selected port range scanning.

    I should point out that stealthed ports is not neccessarily the best thing and if the ports are all showing as closed that is secure enough.
    Closed port status is just as safe as stealthed status.
    (considering that every web server of the internet has no stealthed ports what so ever and many of it's ports are completely open - never closed! ).
    Open ports can be a threat but only if the particular service/daemon using those open ports are a vulnerability.

    Best regards.

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