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Thread: zonealarm Zones configuration.

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    gooser Guest

    Default zonealarm Zones configuration.

    i think my Firewall - Zones isn't configured internet is PPPOE with a dialerand the modem conected to the computer by Ethernet cable to computer's network card (on board).
    in zonealarm at zones the network card IP
    (local area connection) that the modem connect to is set to Trusted at subnet.and the internet dialer IP (dynamic ip
    changes every disconnect) set to internetthe problem is that every disconnect from the internet or reboot of the computer the internet dialer IP at zones disappear (because the internet is disconnected) and when i connect to the internet my internet is completely blocked till zonealarm Zones detects the internet dialer IP (that changes)thats take like 20 seconds and it's very annoying because the internet is connected and i need to wait.i tried to add in zones ip range of - and set it to internet and it's still block the first 20 secsbut when i set it (the range ip 0- 255) to trusted the internet is work properly from connect.but when the zonealarm detects the real dialer ip and set it to internet the ip range i added is probably influence and the realip stay with no effect.the result is that the internet is set to trusted zone that isn't good.someone have solution?

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: zonealarm Zones configuration.

    No idea what a "dialer" is, sorry.
    PPPoE connection, to me, implies a dedicated private network, in which case you can make it trusted.
    I'm not sure about that subnet - it seems wide - but ZA usually gets it right. Though a usual subnet mask would be - with only your IP varying.
    Adding doesn't seem safe to me.
    Sorry about the 20sec, I don't know if it's a reasonable time. I suspect it is if windows needs to broadcast to ask for IP, then IP returns, and finally ZA can see it.

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