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Is there a trick to getting VMware guests to use a bridged network when ZA is running?
I've recently installed ZoneAlarm (free) v8.0.065.000 on Vista Ultimate SP1.
I use VMware Workstation v6.5.1-126130 every day.
All of my virtual guests have bridged network adapters.
Since installing ZA, my guests cannot access the network.
They receive DHCP addresses and that is all.
The log shows that ZA is blocking routed packets from the guests to my DNS servers.
The policy and rule columns show "PersonalPolicy" and "BlockAll2".
ZA program control is set to medium.
The Internet and trusted zones are set to high security.
I would like to continue to use these restrictive settings.
VMware Workstation VMX has access to the Internet and trusted zones.
It is set to prompt to be a server in both zones.
VMware Authorization Service is set to prompt for access and server permissions.
What do I need to know to make this fly?
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Operating System:
Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm (Free)

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