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Thread: How To Troubleshoot Your Home Network

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    Default How To Troubleshoot Your Home Network

    This is an informational post only -
    please 'do not reply' to this post
    to ask questions; make 'New Message' and make your post under the correct
    forum board.<hr>Here's a
    series of articles dealing with common home network issues.

    &quot;How to Troubleshoot your Home Network&quot; -Click here &gt;<hr>
    "Five Quick Fixes for Internet Connection Hang-Ups" -
    Click here &gt;<hr>
    Photos: How To Secure Your Home Wireless NetworkClick Here &gt;<hr>
    Photos: How to Secure Your Wireless Laptop Click here &gt;<hr>
    Set Up a Wireless NetworkClick here &gt;;guid<hr>
    4 steps to set up your home wireless network - XPClick here &gt;<hr>
    Setting up a wireless network - VistaClick here &gt;<hr>Getting XP and Vista to play well together
    Chances are you have both Vista and XP computers that you'd like to connect together on your home network. It ought to be a piece of cake, but there are a couple of factors that can make it a challenge for non-techies. Part of the problem is the new technology in Vista that makes it easier for Vista computers to find one another on the network. This article tells you how to work around the problems: Networking XP and VistaClick here &gt;
    &lt; there are two parts; 535 + 536
    Additional Thoughts &amp; Tips: Windows media player configuration (wmpnscfg.exe), etc. Thanks to LearningLinux for these additional thoughts &amp; tips. Click here &gt;
    My question is this: Can XP Home computers connect to a Vista computer and be able to access shared folders and use the printer attached to the Vista computer?

    More and more people are running both XP and Vista on their home networks together. If you buy a new computer today, it will probably come with Vista installed, but you might have other systems still running XP. The short answer to
    question is &quot;yes&quot; - but there is a little bit of a trick to it.

    The first step is to be sure Printer Sharing is enabled on the Vista computer. Click Start, right click Network and select Properties to open the Network and Sharing Center, then scroll down to the section labeled Sharing And Discovery and turn Printer Sharing on. Now under the Sharing and Discovery section, click &quot;Show me all the shared network folders on this computer&quot; and ensure that the printer is listed.

    Here's the trick: the default workgroup name in Vista is WORKGROUP. On XP Home computers, the default workgroup name is MSHOME. Both computers should be members of the same workgroup to more easily share resources with one another. If your Vista computer is the new one, you can change its workgroup name by clicking Start | Control Panel | System and then Advanced System Settings in the left pane. On the Computer Name tab, click the Change button where it says &quot;To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, click Change.&quot; Under the section labeled Member Of, select Workgroup and type in the name of the existing workgroup to which your XP computer belongs (alternatively, you can change the workgroup of the XP computer to match that of the Vista computer; what matters is that they both belong to the same workgroup).

    Now you should be able to access the Vista printer from the XP computer. For lots more info on sharing in Vista, see
    Click here &gt;
    &lt; Microsoft knowledge base<hr>"How to configure file sharing in Windows XP&quot; -Click here &gt;
    <hr>"Using Wireless Technology Securely" from the US-CERT.GOV - Here is very basic information.Click here &gt;
    "Home Network Security" from the US-Cert-Gov - Basic Guide.Click here &gt;<hr>And finally, in ZoneAlarm look for and click on
    &gt; &quot; ? Help &quot; =
    this is your User Guide -
    please read thru.
    Or you can right click your ZA tray icon, see/ click &gt;&quot; Help &quot;
    = User Guide.

    <hr>NaiveMelody NYC -2-15-09 - Connected - Stereo MC's
    Remember this is an informational post - Do Not Reply here. Thank you.

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    Windows XP Home Edition
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    ZoneAlarm Pro

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