I'm running ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

I have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit on my home network - a bunch of disks. It comes with some management software. The software cannot access the NAS when ZA is on. It cannot access the device even when I change the Security setting to "off" for the internet and Trusted Zones. When ZA is off altogether it can access the device.

I have created a trusted network zone for, subnet My main PC is on this network (DHCP) and the NAS has a fixed IP

Would appreciate any help to try to get the management software finding the device.

I have changed the settings in the Alerts & Logs as follows:-
Alert Events Shown to "High"
Event Logging to "On"
Program Logging to "High" and then gone into custom and selected all the options.

I have gone to Firewall\Zones and done the following:-
Added my network ( in to the Trusted zone
Added the NAS unit's specific IP address ( into the Trusted zone
Added the Loopback Adapter Ip Address ( into the trusted zone
Added the NAS as a Host/Site with the same IP ( and added that to the Trusted zone

I have gone into Firewall\Main\Trusted Zone Security (Which is currently set to Medium) and clicked on the custom button and enabled every item that appears under "High Security Setting for Trusted Zone" including allowing incoming and outgoing UDP & TCP ports numbered 1-9999. None of the "Block..." settings have ticks in them.

I have gone into Program Control\Programs and found the admin program for my NAS (DSassistant.exe) and given it a 3 green bar level of trust and ticks in all 5 boxes.

Unfortunately, my NAS is still not visible to its management software. Even if I set Firewall\Main\"Trusted Zone Security" to "Off", the NAS still isn't visible. If I Shutdown ZA then the NAS is visible to its admin program, so its definitely ZA blocking access

The logs don't show anything relating to access to the IP of my NAS, just updates to Spyware/AV, nothing under Firewall.

I'm really stuck as to what might be causing the problem - any ideas?



Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite