The paid for release of 2009 Zonealarm Pro Internet Security Suite does not seem to allow a parent to block a domain name in either the Parental controls or the Firewall. I
need to block
for example "" which has numerous associates IP addresses. I have build a firewall group and add all of the IP address I could discover for "" and "" and still my son's computer
can access the site and watch movies. I have even blocked the associated IP addresses used in different countries... all that DNS lookUp could discovery after a 100 attemps. Even when I thought I had them block and applied in
Expert Firewall rules, darn if after a short time frame of less than a minute, another route was discovered and up popped

Now all I want to be able to do is block a specific domain names, e.g. and have that apply to all associated domains like e.g. etc. without having to perform DNS Lookups constantly
to discover
IP address changes for the domain name. Simple thing that can be done in a C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\host file []
and you would think that ZoneAlarm Pro could too through one of its many Firewall options. Unfortunately, it always wants to resolve to an IP address or range thereof.
I also have Parental controls active and blocking access to many categories. Snce some movies are on his school site and other educational sites, I don't want to restrict videos in general... just specific domain names.
My environment is XP SP3, IE7, ZAP
with all updates current.
Now maybe I'm just overlooking the solution, but I sure could use some expert guidance.Thank you

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro