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Thread: Anti Virus disabled in Security Suite

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    jadechaos Guest

    Default Anti Virus disabled in Security Suite

    I recently downloaded Security Suite from the website and installed it only my vista laptop. I uninstalled Norton that came with my laptop and am still having trouble enabling the antivirus. At the main page it gives me the option to "FIX IT" and nothing happens, the antivirus box stays red. When I choose the antivirus tab on the left hand side of the application, It gives me the option to download updates and when I press that, it downloads the updates, tells me the task is complete, but I still cannot enable the antivirus. I am so frustrated!!!!!

    Operating System:Windows Vista 64 bit
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Anti Virus disabled in Security Suite

    1- have you properly un-installed any previous firewall and/or anti-virus?? = this needs to be done - click here >
    . Please run the Norton Removal Tool. Run it twice.<hr>Click here &gt;
    Make sure to follow the tips and guidelines, shut-off WindowsDefender,
    install 8.0298, install updates, *restart pc. If it still does not work try this...Try resetting your database.
    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot.<hr>Are there any other anti-spyware - Threatfire, Ad-Aware,etc.? Please list.Caution: Many of today's hybrid anti-spyware software may now include anti-virus protection; be aware they may conflict with your main anti-virus software. Please read the details of your chosen anti-spyware protection. New hybrid &quot;Anti-spyware with Anti-virus software&quot;
    like Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware or PCTools SpywareDoctor with Integrated AntiVirus, or SunbeltSoftware CounterSpy with VIPRE, PCTools ThreatFire, paid versions of
    Lavasoft's Ad-Aware Plus + Ad-Aware Pro,

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