Since installing the ZA Pro 7.0.408 firewall on a Windows XP SP2 machine I've been having a problem of constant hard drive access every second or two. I spent hours turning off various services to find the culprit (including the usual suspects such as disabling indexing and autoplay) and finally determined that it's ZA -- when I shut down ZA (but leave vsmon running in background) the disc activity ceases completely.
The result is that the constant disc blips mean the HDD is never idle long enough to spin down, which also means battery life on my machine is at least
a half hour less than normal.
annoys me. It happens whether the machine is connected to the internet or not... in fact it happenes even when all network connections, wire or wireless, are disabled, which baffles me. What is ZA doing using the disc when there's no internet connection?
Does anyone know what is causing ZA to constantly access the disc like this and if there are any configuration tweaks for ZA or XP that might stop it?

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Pro

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