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    wincrafters Guest

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    I have installed, then uninstalled, then reinstalled them again. I believe this is the reason I see several programs listed four or five times under program control. What happens to the program if I right click on it and selecte 'delete' to get rid of duplicates? Will this just get rid of the one instance or will it delete all with the exact same name?

    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Remove old Programs, temp files

    Remember 'removing' from the program list does not "delete or un-installs" these files; it just removes from ZA Program list. If you have multiple instances of the same program - right click - 'remove' the older versions - look at the dates/ time stamp
    and file version numbers; keep the latest version.<hr>You can use something like CCleaner - to actually clean these temp files off your pc - click here &gt;
    -and it's free.<hr>You
    have a big list - you want to remove all the temporary program/files that you ususally get after an install/ update/ upgrade. All programs ending in &quot;.tmp&quot; , 'run once -/wrapper', 'self-extracting cabinet',
    'setup.exe and installers'. Give them all
    two green bars - each, the rest ?, then right click the file/program &gt; click &quot;Remove&quot;. Do not use &quot;Kill&quot;. One of the biggest 'polluters' of your list is the monthly Microsoft Update - with those ~ Windows
    Service Pack Setup
    - again give them two or three green
    bars in &quot;Trust Level&quot; &gt;
    the rest ' ? ' then remove after a day or two.

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