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    pearceh Guest

    Default Trusted zone

    Anybody know how to add a specific network drive to the "trusted zone"?
    I've got an Apple "Time Capsule" which was able to access prior
    to installing Zone Alarm Pro, but now my access is denied & just says add it to
    the trusted zone. But how? there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    By "network drive" do you mean
    1. external drive, which, in explorer, has a drive letter, and is connected directly to the computer where ZA runs, via the USB or Firewire port, or
    2. external drive connected to the router and has an IP address on your LAN

    If #2, on the Firewall zones tab there's an Add button. Select IP, enter it, describe it, classify as trusted.
    If #1 and USB, I'm not sure why access would be denied.
    If #1 and firewire, perhaps adding the application which runs firewire might help, or, unlikely solution - on the Main tab of the Firwall tab, click Advanced and then don't filter traffic over 1394 - but I really don't think this is relevant.

    Can you post few ZA log entries showing where things are denied. Logs are in windows\internet logs\ZAlog[date].txt

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    pearceh Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    Time Capsule Network drive: 100baseT Ethernet connected. Gets an IP address assigned by DCHP host (router).
    I finally found the zones pick in Zonealarm & added my local IP address ranges 192.198.X.X & 10.X.X.X
    but it didn't make any difference. I'll look in the logs when I get a moment to do so.

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    pearceh Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    I also enabled NetBIOS, as the pop up I got said that was needed.
    No luck with that either.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    Perhaps some of my below questions lead somewhere, I hope
    You have some current local network in the zones, something like or 10.x.x.x/255.?.?.? right?
    Are you doing VPN and you're hooked to another network?
    One of those ranges needs to be there, whichever is active at the time.
    You could just do something like to as Trusted to permit anything on the LAN assuming the LAN is in that 192 range.
    I wouldn't do that with the 10 range as it sounds to me like a larger LAN.
    What is the IP of the printer relative to the IP of your computer?
    That IP needs to be trusted.
    Are you able to ping the printer?
    If the printer is is on another network, i.e. not the one that ZA sees as current local network, specify its IP as well and call it trusted.
    If you were to temporarily set the Internet zone for Medium and not High, can you print?
    What application(s) run the printer?
    Most likely spoolsvc.exe needs trusted access and there may be others. Logs would help with the additional information as to what network you're on when you try to print. I'm a bit confused about the setup, so please, try to descibe a bit more.

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    pearceh Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    I had already set all the IP ranges for my local network as trusted. thru and thru
    That didn't seem to make any difference.

    Networked printer works fine. All my devices get IPs from my router via the DHCP server

    I'm running Apples rendevous on the XP side, so it finds my time capsule just fine,
    I get a popup that says my time capsule is available, would I like to log in?
    I provide the necessary password. I then get a popup that says it can't access it & I should enable NetBIOS.
    I enabled NetBIOS thru the control panel ... no difference.

    I can log into my time capsule just fine when running Mac OS (same computer)
    so it's not the password.

    Any more thoughts?

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    Oh! it's so sad and annoying to you, of course.
    No, I have no more thoughts unfortunately, other than clarifying few details of NetBios as follows:
    - Confirm that's the Control Panel you speak of: Control Panel - Network properties - TCP/IP has NetBios enabled?
    - Check in ZA that in Trusted zone NetBios is not blocked: Firewall, Main, Custom button in the Trusted area, scroll down to Medium security settings - is everything UNchecked?
    - Try this: Firewall, Main, Advanced button - then on that Security panel check Allow uncommon protocols at high security, perhaps it's something different with the Apple thing.

    Once again, it really might help if you posted few lines from the ZAlog, as well as the fwpktlog files.
    I'm beginning to suspect the NetBios message might be misleading - you know how Windows often issues messages which have nothing to do with what they report.

    Actually, WHO, WHAT issues the notice that NetBIOS needs enabling? Does it speak about any specific ports? If it's a MAC-side message, they might be using different ports than Windows. Perhaps there's documentation telling what ports they use.

    BTW, is this what you speak of?

    One more edit on my part - what is the IP of that drive? If it's not in the 192 range, can you change it?

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Trusted zone

    FIRST: The Time Capsule Network Drive Needs to have an Static IP Address Outside the DHCP Range of the Router.
    Should the IP Address Remain Dynamic, ZoneAlarm will Constantly Block and Ask you to Add The Time Capsule
    Network Drive to the Trusted Zone Every Time the IP Address Changes.
    ZoneAlarm Views The Time Capsule Network Drive as an 'Mapped Drive'
    SECOND: Now that The Time Capsule Network Drive has an Static IP Address Navigate to:
    Firewall/Zones/ -and add The Time Capsule Network Drive IP Address to the Trusted Zone:
    Name = Mapped Drive
    IP Address/Site = (enter static ip address of time capsule)
    Entry Type = IP Address
    Zone = Trusted
    Try to access the Time Capsule Network Drive, if none of the ZoneAlarm Popup Windows give you the Option
    to add the Time Capsule Network Drive to the Trusted Zone, then:
    Navigate to Alerts & Logs/Log Viewer/ -and
    search the Logs for the Blocked Entry and Highlight it and Click on the Add To Zone Button on the Bottom Right
    of the Screen and Choose 'Trusted'
    Once the IP Address of The Time Capsule Network Drive is Enabled and Listed in the Trusted Zone, ZoneAlarm will
    Associate this IP Address with The Time Capsule Network Drive.....should this IP Address ever change, you will
    have to enter the New IP Address to the Trusted Zone
    As an Reference to Setting up the Router to allow Static IP Addressing:

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