I recently upgraded to the latest ZA Pro ( on XP Pro SP3), and I was setting up program expert rules (as I had done exactly in previous versions of ZA Pro) for some of the programs.
I have three ranks in the program expert rules for the program in question: 1) DNSs; 2)Site IP(s); 3) Block.
The "Block"
is with: Enabled, Block, and Alert and Log (with Any, Any, Any, Any in the four boxes below).
This is exactly how I had it with previous versions and was working like a charm.
Now the only way to get the program to access
the site is if I disable Block (which I really don't want).
The program also has the following
SmartDefense: CustomTrust Level: ?Access Trusted(check) Internet(check)Server
Trusted(X) Internet(X)Send Mail(X)
Network is in the Trusted ZoneInternet Zone Security: HighTrusted
Zone Security: Medium
Program Control: MaxSmartDefense Advisor: Auto
Can anyone help setting up the Block rule?

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

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