maybe I found a solution for your problem.
I think it has to do with the user rights in your registry for the "Zone Labs" folders.

This is how I fixed the problem on my computer:

Frist, try the link of user Oldsod:

> Do a clean uninstall of the ZA and then re-install the ZA:
> http://www2.nohold.net/noHoldCust542...n_install.html

Before re-installing ZoneAlarm again do the following:

Open the Windows registry (regedit.exe) and search for the three following folders and
try to delete them including their sub-folders and keys:
"Zone Labs"

!Please be careful not to delete other folders or single key entries in other folders, otherwise Windows system could be damaged!
It's better to generate a Windows recovery point for safety reasons.

For some of the folders you will be not allowed to delete them and you will get an error message.
Check this folder and all sub-folders, whether you have sufficient user rights to delete them.

The user rights can be found right-clicking on the entry. Be sure that your user name is in the list and have full access.

If not, be sure to have the you have administrative rights and add full access user rights of the (sub) folders or key to your user name.
Maybe you even have to add your user name in the user rights list.

If you have sufficient rights you will be able to delete the folder.

After the registry is cleaned up of "Zone Labs" folders, restart your system again and re-install ZoneAlarm.

Please let me know if you have been successful.

With regards,