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Thread: Downloading slow and streaming stutters

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    lesli Guest

    Default Downloading slow and streaming stutters

    Please help! I'm so frustrated! Since installing ZoneAlarm Security Suite last week, my downloading time became incredibly slow and disrupted the normal functioning of my computer. Also, whenever I stream on Hulu or even Netflix, there is an incredibly annoying stutter in the audio and video. I've sent a request through tech support, but haven't heard back. It's gotten to where I've just shut down ZoneAlarm completely, so I can enjoy normal use of my computer.

    Is there some way to configure the ZoneAlarm settings so these things stop happening? Speak slowly; I'm only mildly tech savvy!

    Thanks in advance!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: Downloading slow and streaming stutters

    You could try this.

    Privacy / Main : Turn off Cookie Control, Ad Blocking, and Mobile Code Control.

    I have no other suggestion other than this to resolve your issue.

    ZoneAlarm staff does not monitor this board. We are all users here.

    If you have a valid license you can can contact free of charge the ZoneAlarm technical support at :


    Customer Service Live Chat at :

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Downloading slow and streaming stutters

    Click here >
    < basic principles for 'streaming media.' You need server rights for these programs - in ZA program control - three green
    bars and all green checks across when you are using these programs. (when not in use you may lower the settings to more "
    ? or X &quot;<hr>Click here &gt;
    &lt; go thru the steps<hr>Important question - have you 'properly un-installed any previous/ pre-installed security software - Norton/ McAfee, etc.-
    firewall, anti-virus, suites?? Please post back that answer; as having not done so will cause big problems.<hr>Click here &gt;<hr>You can use the 'red box search' at the top of each page. ____________<a target="_blank"></a> Search!

    <a target="_blank"></a>This is a good way to find solutions.

    Simply type in the keywords of your
    issue and past posts will be listed.

    <hr>If you wish you may want to adjust your &quot;Privacy Protection&quot; tab to be 'open/ free - allowing more access/ less problems with connecting to programs... by going to 'Privacy' tab on your left &gt; Main - shut off all cookie control, Ad Blocking, and Mobile Code Control - all to 'off'. Site List - clear/ delete list.

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